Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

indoor cat careKeeping your feline friend indoors may seem cruel on the surface, but in fact, indoor cats live longer, healthier lives. Kitties allowed to roam outdoors are not only exposed to disease, traffic, and the presence of other animals, but they also stand the risk of becoming lost or stolen. That’s why the team at Summeridge Animal Clinic strongly advocates for an indoor life for our whiskered friends.

Unfortunately, though, indoor cats can also miss out on a lot of opportunities for normal expression of behaviour, mental stimulation, and overall wellness. To help your cat live the best life possible, we offer some tips and recommendations for an amazing life for your indoor cat meow pal.


Ticking Time Bomb: All About Heart Disease in Dogs

heart disease in dogsNo matter how you look at it, the heart is an important organ. When it isn’t functioning correctly, problems abound. Unfortunately, heart disease in dogs is a fairly common problem that we diagnose here at Summeridge Animal Clinic, but we want you to know that we are here to help you and your pup by raising awareness of heart disease and its treatment.


Keeping Your Furry Friend Fit: Pet Exercise Tips for Health and Safety

pet exerciseFrom the tallest of breeds to the smallest of pocket pets, exercise is important for the health of all pets. Although our canine friends may always be up for a walk and kitties usually go crazy over catnip, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut – meaning it can also be easy to forget about or even neglect our pet’s exercise needs.

Summertime also adds a few challenges when it comes to pet exercise, and warm weather safety is a must when the days are hot and humid. To help keep your pet active, the team at Summeridge has a few suggestions.