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Separation Anxiety in Pets: Battling the Back-to-School Blues

Separation anxiety in pets can intensity when kids go back to schoolWith the start of a new school year less than a month away, kids and parents are already beginning back-to-school preparations. Shopping for clothes, gathering supplies, and arranging schedules and carpools are all a part of life in late August/early September. However, all this running around may leave Fido or Fluffy feeling a bit confused.

Separation anxiety in pets is common once the kids go back to school. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can help ease the transition for your furry family member.

Spotting Separation Anxiety in Pets

Dogs are pack animals by nature, and whether they live with humans or other dogs, the sudden absence of a familiar face can lead to fear, worry, and stress. The following symptoms can be a clue that separation anxiety is rearing its ugly head: Continue…

Feline Behaviour and Scent Communication

Snow leopards spend the majority of their lives alone, but they spray the rugged landscape along the way to send signals to other cats. Not only helpful in locating individuals (like relatives or potential mates during breeding season), their urine helps mark their own distinct territories.

Scent communication is important to many animals. In fact, the domestic cats we know and love answer to similar instincts. Spraying inside the home and around your property may occur, but another important feline behaviour is scent-marking.


Good Boy! How to Reward Your Pet Without Treats

Girl and her dog walking in a parkMost pet owners are guilty of falling back on treats as the “old, reliable” way to appease their pets. Granted, treats are an easy solution, especially when pressed for time. However, because it’s important to reward your pet for good behaviour (especially during training), it’s easy to see how a few treats here and there can quickly become a big problem.

With more than 50% of all pets being overweight or obese, resisting this old standby may save your pet from the health problems associated with weight gain and obesity. Thankfully, there are many ways to express your affection without the use of food or treats. Continue…

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