Compassionate Veterinary Care

for Cancer Patients

Learning your pet has cancer is a scary time, one no pet owner wants to go through. Dr. Bouchard and the staff at Summeridge Animal Clinic are trained to look for any signs or symptoms that may indicate cancer, how to test for a reliable diagnosis, and most importantly how to help you make the best decisions possible regarding your pet's health care.

What Is Cancer?

Cancer is a disease that causes cells to multiply uncontrollably, moving into surrounding tissue and organs. There are numerous kinds of cancers that dogs and cats are susceptible to developing. Cancer comes in two forms, either localized (limited to one area) or generalized (spreading throughout the body).

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Possible Symptoms of Cancer

  • Lumps and bumps
  • Abnormal odors
  • Abnormal discharges
  • Non-healing wounds
  • Weight loss
  • Change in appetite
  • Coughing or difficulty breathing
  • Lethargy or depression
  • Changes in bathroom habits
  • Evidence of pain

What Treatment Options Are Available?

  • Surgical treatment—Most cancers can be treated surgically, removing the “lump“ and a portion of healthy tissue surrounding the infected area. Your veterinarian will discuss with you whether local or general anesthesia will be used, as well as if a specialist should be consulted.
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs—This type of therapy is easily accessible and cost effective. It has been shown to provide relief in some cancers, especially in bladder tumors.

Dr. Bouchard and her staff will discuss all options available to you and, when necessary, provide reliable referrals to a veterinary oncologist. Most importantly, they will work with you in finding the most effective and compassionate way to care for your pet while keeping him or her comfortable.

Contact us today for more information or any questions you may have.

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