Dog Bite Prevention for the Safety of Everyone

dog bitesAlthough the actual number of dog bite related injuries is open to debate (many occurrences go unreported), it’s a good assumption that the number ranks in the thousands since there are nearly 80,000 household dogs in North America. Dog bites happen for a wide range of reasons, and any dog – no matter the breed – can bite.

So what causes dog bites or canine aggression, and what dog bite prevention measures can you take to reduce the risk for everyone?


On the Move: Your Guide to International Travel with Pets

Dog crates being loaded on a planeMoving or traveling internationally requires plenty of planning and elbow grease under the best of circumstances. Bringing your pet along may seem like a no-brainer, but including a four-legged travel companion in your plans means a lot of extra research and preparation on your part.

Your team at Summeridge Animal Clinic welcomes the chance to do our part in helping you to prepare for international travel with pets!


Navigating Kidney Disease in Cats

A cat laying comfortablySome problems in veterinary medicine are more commonly diagnosed than others, and unfortunately, kidney disease in cats is one we see a little more than we would like. Summeridge Animal Clinic wants to help our feline owners to be on the lookout for kidney disease in pets and how to deal with it, should it be diagnosed in your beloved pet.

More Than Just Urine

The kidneys are part of the renal system, which consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. They renal system is responsible for filtering the blood and removing waste. The kidneys drain urine into the ureters, which empties into the bladder and is voided through the urethra.