Cute as a Bug’s Ear: A Quick Guide to Small Animal and Pocket Pet Care

pocket pet careMany households turn to pocket pets or small mammals when a “traditional” pet is out of the question. Cats and dogs certainly require more time, space, and attention than other adoptable pint-sized pets, but that doesn’t mean these animals are zero-maintenance. They’re full of personality, intelligence, curiosity, and energy, but what else should you know about pocket pet care before bringing home a new friend?


When Your Pet Is Diagnosed with Cancer

pet is diagnosed with cancerWhen a pet is diagnosed with cancer, things can seem pretty grim. Cancer is a disease that brings with it many fears, worries, and concerns. It is understandable to become caught up in the emotion of the diagnosis and what happens next.

However, a cancer diagnosis doesn’t mean the worst possible outcome, and many pets who are diagnosed with the disease go on to enjoy a good quality of life.


Bloat In Dogs: A True Pet Emergency

bloat in dogsAlthough few conditions can kill a dog as quickly as bloat, many pet owners remain unaware of its dangers, and don’t know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of bloat in dogs. Knowing the signs of bloat, as well as your emergency care options, is critical in protecting your dog from this serious, and often deadly, condition.