Owner hugging bulldog.

The smooshed faces and excessive skin rolls that make bulldogs so loveable also contribute to some of their most notable health issues. Whether you are already the proud owner of a bulldog or you are considering bringing one into your family, Summeridge Animal Clinic wants you to be aware of common bulldog health issues that you might experience at some point in your life together.

How those Smooshed Faces Affect Bulldog Health

All bulldogs have short faces, which are perfect for kisses, but are not great for clear airways. These short faces lead to Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome (BAS), which can range in severity from difficulty breathing to pneumonia. Because they are more prone to breathing problems, bulldogs do not have a high tolerance for strenuous physical activity, which also puts them at risk of becoming obese. If you want to avoid weight issues for your beloved bulldog without putting too much strain on his or her respiratory system, aim for frequent, short walks daily. If you notice any changes in your dog’s breathing, book an appointment so we can make sure there is not a larger issue at play. 

Problems with Temperature Regulation

Another common health issue that bulldogs face is difficulty in regulating their body temperature. Their BAS prevents them from panting to cool down like other breeds do, so if they get overheated, they are at a higher risk of heat-related illnesses. Do the following to make sure they stay nice and cool:

  • Keep your house at a comfortable temperature
  • Make sure your dog always has plenty of cold water
  • Do not let your dog outside on excessively hot days
  • If your bulldog does get overheated, use a hose or a cold bath to cool him or her down. Make sure to submerge the head and saturate the paws to ensure proper cooling

Skin Issues

Because bulldogs have such loose skin, they are prone to irritation and infection that other breeds do not experience. They might have issues with eczema, bacterial infections, or cysts, and it is important to bring them in for regular wellness exams so your veterinarian can examine the skin and hopefully find irritating issues before they start.

Although bulldogs are prone to significant health issues, they still make great companions and provide a lifetime of love. The team at Summeridge Animal Clinic is here to help you ensure that your bulldog remains healthy and happy so you can enjoy life together. Visit us online or call (905) 731‑1225 to schedule an appointment for your bullie.