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Fourth Time’s the Charm! Vote Summeridge Animal Clinic as Top Vet in Vaughan, ON

Summeridge Animal Clinic has been nominated as a Top Choice Awards finalist for Top Veterinary Clinic in Vaughan, ON! This year marks our fourth year as a nominee, and we’d really like to take the top prize this year – but we need your help

We know we care for Vaughan’s top pets and it is always our pleasure to do so. Whether you bring your cat or dog in for routine pet wellness screenings, assistance in training and behaviour, or cancer care; or if we care for your exotic pet’s health and dental needs, we hope you know that we give our all when it comes to providing your companion animal with top veterinary care.

Please take a moment before 31 December and vote for Summeridge Animal Clinic. We would appreciate the vote and hope to see you all in the winners circle!

Spotlight on Summeridge Animal Clinic and Our Amazing Pet Families

Cordova_iStock_000011056861_DoubleTo all of our wonderful pet families, we hope you are having an incredible start to spring and have taken the opportunity to enjoy the warmer weather with your favourite fur friends. We also thought we would take a moment to talk a bit about our practice and some of the recent celebrations, affirmations, and good news that Summeridge Animal Clinic has experienced. After all, these victories for us translate to even better service for our pet guardians and care for our pet patients.

Ode to Our Pets

MendietaIt is that time of year when many people get the urge to add a new member to their family by adopting either a cat or dog (puppy or kitten).  This is an admirable thought and one that should be encouraged for they provide so many benefits to our lives.  Pets extend their love and affection unconditionally and this relationship lasts for the entire course of their lives.  They are prepared to sacrifice everything for our goodwill and happiness.  They greet us in the morning, when we come in from work at night and will stay by our side from morning until night if allowed to do so.  They are eager to play with us, sit in our laps, or just hang out with us for long periods of time.  We benefit from these activities as well.  We get companionship, attention, loyalty and affection.  The relationship can even promote good health and general well-being to the human owners.  Continue…