Helping Your Indoor Cat Lose Weight

A tortoise-shell cat laying on a carpet

For pets and people alike, it’s often easier to keep the weight off than to lose it. Even a few extra pounds can lead to disastrous consequences to a pet’s health and longevity. Weight loss diets can be difficult to maintain, and indoor cats have the added challenge of perhaps not being as active as other pets may be. 

Indoor cat weight loss can be tricky, but Summeridge Animal Clinic has some tips and tricks to help you get started!


Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

indoor cat careKeeping your feline friend indoors may seem cruel on the surface, but in fact, indoor cats live longer, healthier lives. Kitties allowed to roam outdoors are not only exposed to disease, traffic, and the presence of other animals, but they also stand the risk of becoming lost or stolen. That’s why the team at Summeridge Animal Clinic strongly advocates for an indoor life for our whiskered friends.

Unfortunately, though, indoor cats can also miss out on a lot of opportunities for normal expression of behaviour, mental stimulation, and overall wellness. To help your cat live the best life possible, we offer some tips and recommendations for an amazing life for your indoor cat meow pal.