Your Guide to Pocket Pet Care

Gerbil in enclosure.

From hamsters to rabbits and everything in between, Summeridge Animal Clinic loves our pocket pets! While these pint-sized pets are not uncommon to see in people’s homes, it is a little crazy how little many of their owners know about their care. Read on to get started on the right paw when it comes to pocket pet care.


Cute as a Bug’s Ear: A Quick Guide to Small Animal and Pocket Pet Care

pocket pet careMany households turn to pocket pets or small mammals when a “traditional” pet is out of the question. Cats and dogs certainly require more time, space, and attention than other adoptable pint-sized pets, but that doesn’t mean these animals are zero-maintenance. They’re full of personality, intelligence, curiosity, and energy, but what else should you know about pocket pet care before bringing home a new friend?