Help! I Think My Cat is Sick, but I’m Not Sure!

A orange and white cat on a towel

Cats can be elusive which is a trait most feline fanciers appreciate. Your cat may like to hide, slink about, and lie in wait for the perfect time to ambush your ankles. However, there are times when their health could be in jeopardy and the signs aren’t always obvious. There are some symptoms (albeit subtle ones) that cat owners should know about so they can help their pet stay as healthy as possible.  


Seven Simple Systems Checks to Tell if You Have a Sick Cat

sick catCats work in mysterious ways. Is your kitty hiding in the back of the closet because he doesn’t like your house guests (primarily their Yorkie), or because he has some multi-syllabic monstrosity of a health concern?  Without seeing more than just the tip of his tail flipping to and fro, it can be hard to tell.

As a general rule, if you can’t coax your cat out of hiding for two days, even with yummy treats or his favorite toys, Continue…