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Make Tick Prevention a Priority!

Tick prevention is an important part of outdoor pet safety and pet health.Tick populations are on the rise in Ontario and across Canada. With this increase comes the very real threat of tick-borne illnesses in both people and pets. While getting outside and enjoying summer is an important part of life, protecting yourself and your pet should be a priority at all times. Let the team at Summeridge Animal Clinic recommend some effective tick prevention strategies to keep you and your pet safe.  

Tiny Bodies, Huge Dangers

Spread by the black-legged deer tick, Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne illness that affects people and pets in Canada. Rocky Mountain spotted fever and babesiosis are examples of other zoonotic diseases (can be transmitted between humans and animals) that are carried by ticks. Continue…

Springtime Foes: Preventing Fleas, Ticks, and Other Parasites

Cordova_iStock_000043107966_LargeAfter a long winter, our first inclination may be to throw open the windows, fire up the grill, and maybe catch a game of Frisbee with our best four-legged pal. And, just when we really begin to enjoy the spring weather, here they come… all of the parasites just waiting to feast on warm-blooded hosts, like our dogs and cats. Continue…