Not What the Doctor Ordered: Human Medications and Your Pet

human medications and petsAs pet owners, it’s only natural for us to want our animals to feel better. We often do whatever we can to make that happen. Sometimes, it may be tempting to give your pet some of your medication, and while this may seem harmless, it is often not.

Over the counter medications are not always safe for our furry friends. Summeridge Animal Clinic wants you to think twice before combining human medications and your pet.

Why Human Medications and Your Pet Don’t Mix

It’s true that human medications for pets are sometimes prescribed. However, if you’re not well versed in animal physiology and pharmacology, this can be a dangerous practice. Pets are not people. They often require different dosages than what is on the label. Different species metabolize drugs differently, as well. For instance, both dogs and people often take a medication called levothyroxine for low thyroid hormone. The dose a 100 pound labrador retriever would take, however, could kill a 100 pound person.


Is Your Home Safe? Prevent Pet Poisoning With These Easy Steps

ToxicYou do your very best to ensure your pet’s safety. Whether you’re in a public place or traveling together, there are always methods to mitigate accidental illness or injury. With an outward scope, it’s easy to forget that some of the most dangerous threats to your pet’s health aren’t far from your own threshold. Almost all pet poisoning incidents occur at home, making awareness of common household toxins vital to your pet’s safety. Continue…