Cute as a Bug’s Ear: A Quick Guide to Small Animal and Pocket Pet Care

pocket pet careMany households turn to pocket pets or small mammals when a “traditional” pet is out of the question. Cats and dogs certainly require more time, space, and attention than other adoptable pint-sized pets, but that doesn’t mean these animals are zero-maintenance. They’re full of personality, intelligence, curiosity, and energy, but what else should you know about pocket pet care before bringing home a new friend?


Fourth Time’s the Charm! Vote Summeridge Animal Clinic as Top Vet in Vaughan, ON

A cat stretching its clawsSummeridge Animal Clinic has been nominated as a Top Choice Awards finalist for Top Veterinary Clinic in Vaughan, ON! This year marks our fourth year as a nominee, and we’d really like to take the top prize this year – but we need your help

We know we care for Vaughan’s top pets and it is always our pleasure to do so. Whether you bring your cat or dog in for routine pet wellness screenings, assistance in training and behaviour, or cancer care; or if we care for your exotic pet’s health and dental needs, we hope you know that we give our all when it comes to providing your companion animal with top veterinary care.

Please take a moment before 31 December and vote for Summeridge Animal Clinic. We would appreciate the vote and hope to see you all in the winners circle!

Letting The Cat Out of the Bag: We Are a Cat Friendly Practice!

cat friendly practiceDid you know that there is such a thing as a certified Cat Friendly Practice? Yes – there is! And, we are proud to be one of the first veterinary practices to achieve this distinction in Ontario.

But, what exactly does this mean? Aren’t all practices “cat friendly?” Well, we are letting the cat out of the bag, so to speak, on what this distinction means for you and your kitty at Summeridge Animal Clinic.

The Cat Friendly Practice program is a global initiative that is designed to elevate cat health by  reducing the stress of veterinary visits for cats and their caregivers. There are multiple ways that we can work together to do this, from your home, to the veterinary clinic, and back again.