A cat sits next to a brush full of cat hair.

Cat owners far and wide know that shedding is something that simply comes with the territory. Most of the time, all you have to do is get out the good ‘ole lint roller to clean up your clothing or furniture. But certain times of the year, you might have to lug out the extreme power-matic vacuum to suck up the intense volume of cat hair. It piles up in the corners, accumulates beneath furniture, and comes off on your hand when you pet your sweet kitty’s backside. Cat shedding can get the best of many cat owners, but luckily it’s not something to worry too much about.

Everything’s Covered

Your cat’s shiny, healthy fur coat is probably one of their finest features. And, most of the time, they take excellent care of their exterior. However, seasonal shifts can increase cat shedding to the point where you feel like everything’s covered in cat hair. 

Cats Like Us

People shed loose or dead hairs every single day, so it makes sense that daily cat shedding is a normal characteristic. After all, every square inch of their body has hair (minus their eyes and paw pads). 

In addition to daily shedding, cats lose massive amounts of hair a couple times a year. Seasonal shedding during the spring and fall accommodates a lighter coat for warmer weather, and allows for more space to grow in the following winter’s heavy undercoat. 

Furthermore, long-haired cat breeds may be more susceptible to hair loss than short-haired breeds. They certainly are more likely to suffer through more hairballs!

When to Worry

Cat shedding is a normal and natural process, but that doesn’t mean it’s unrelated to certain health problems

If your cat’s coat becomes very thin, brittle and dry, they should be examined. Red or inflamed skin can also be explained by medical problems that require medical attention.

Also, as we mentioned, cat shedding can cause more hairballs to occur. However, regular bouts of vomiting is never something to accept as normal. One or two seasonal hairballs every year may be of no consequence, but frequent or intense vomiting must be addressed as it can be linked to various health risks. 

Cat Shedding for Days

Aside from normal seasonal cat shedding, hair loss can be caused by a variety of health issues including:

  • Ringworm
  • Fleas
  • Allergies
  • Inflammation
  • Stress

You might see your cat over-grooming or biting at certain areas on their body, and causing bald patches. 

Helping your cat maintain a healthy, shiny, clean coat is as easy as adding supplements to their diet. Be sure to brush them out a few times a week, as the process helps distribute the skin’s natural oils throughout the coat. 

As always, if you have additional questions or concerns about cat shedding, or your kitty’s behavior as well, we’re always here for you at Summeridge Animal Clinic. We are located at 8707 Dufferin St, Thornhill, ON L4J 0A2, Canada.