Vomiting in Cats: It’s Not Just About Hairballs

Cat throwing up furball on sofaMost of us can’t help but laugh when it comes to cartoons and jokes about cats vomiting. While it’s true that our feline friends do seem a little more prone to puking than your average animal, it doesn’t make vomiting in cats a normal thing. If you have a nauseous kitty friend, read on to learn whether your cat’s habits are normal or something to have checked out. If you think your cat’s vomiting has been abnormal or excessive please request an appointment for your cat to see our veterinarian.

More Than Hairballs

Most cat vomit is chalked up to hairballs, and for good reason. It is not uncommon to find a small (or large) amount of hair when cleaning up after kitty. This may have more to do with what happens to be in the stomach, though, than the cause of the vomiting. Continue…