Snowed in: Indoor Considerations for Dogs in the Winter

A dog and a cat with a plantWe are no strangers to snowy winters here in Ontario, and neither are our dogs. While there is nothing wrong with letting your pooch out in the yard or taking a wintry walk together, sometimes it’s simply too cold or snowy (or both) to be outdoors safely.

If you find yourself snowed in with your dog this winter, never fear. Your friends at Summeridge Animal Clinic have put together a “survival guide” to caring for dogs in the winter, all while keeping your sanity in check!


A Bad Case of the Brrr’s: Winter Pet Safety Tips to Rely On

Beautiful red cat in a knitted sweater outdoorsLiving between two massive lakes has obvious benefits, but the long range winter forecast can cast a long, looming shadow. Indeed, our geography lends itself to negative temperatures, short grey days, and chilling precipitation. Many of us have learned tough lessons about seasonal dangers and now heed warnings or acquire the right gear. However, we often forget to extend our prep work to the animals in our community. In response, we offer the following winter pet safety tips for you and your pet.


Pet Safety During the Holiday Season

Tasty Treats but not safe for the petsNow that many of us have enjoyed a traditional Thanksgiving feast (and we hope you had a wonderful holiday!), we can expect many more holidays and gatherings on the horizon.

It would seem autumn is the harbinger of food-based celebrations – from candy corn to pies to stockings teeming over with treats, there’s no shortage of goodies to consume. With all that food around, pet poisoning emergencies are common, and pet safety awareness is key to protecting your pet.

 Avoiding Pet Toxins and Hidden Dangers

When you’re busy baking, it can be tough to keep an eye on your stealthy kitty or pup, and most pets are naturally curious about the holiday bounty. In some cases, it’s the owners themselves who indulge their pets, thinking a little snack is OK. However, table scraps or too much rich food are often the causes of gastritis and pancreatitis. Continue…