The Dangers of Standing Water: Understanding Leptospirosis in Dogs

leptospirosis in dogs is a zoonotic disease that can affect both pet health and human health.Leptospirosis in dogs started to receive attention in the 1980s, but in the decades since, this potentially serious zoonotic disease (and a leading cause of acute renal failure) has become a looming reason to fear the great outdoors. However, even dogs who aren’t fishing or hunting companions can contract it. As a result, preventing leptospirosis in dogs is a serious endeavor, and it’s one we give top priority to this time of the year.

The Source

Leptospira bacteria, in its many strains, causes leptospirosis in dogs and may be spread through the following ways:

  • Urine
  • Contaminated soil or water
  • Direct contact with an infected animal (while less common, reports are far from rare)