Cara 6Cara was discovered by a neighbour to Summeridge Animal Clinic, your Thornhill Vet  sitting on the sidewalk in front of a house in her neighbourhood.  Nobody could recall seeing her before.  She is a very striking cat:  folded ears, white colouring with gold markings (she’s a flamepoint Scottish Fold) and walks like Charlie Chaplin (front paws point outwards rather than straight ahead).  After determining that she did not belong to anyone in the neighbourhood, she was brought to Summeridge Animal Clinic, your Thornhill Vet to discover if she was carrying a microchip or any other determining factors to discover where she belonged.  All enquiries turned up negative.

Cara 9We agreed to give her a temporary home here at the clinic until such time as she was claimed.  No one even enquired concerning her whereabouts despite notices being posted in the neighbourhood and announcements being made by schools in the area.  She was transferred to Vaughan Animal Services.  After two weeks and no one showing any interest in her, Cara was transferred back to our clinic.

Since joining our little family here at your Summeridge Animal Clinic, your Thornhill Vet, Cara (as she was named by one of our staff members because of her resemblance to caramilk), Cara has settled right into her new life as a clinic cat.  She has reserved her favourite spots, discovered where the food is kept and laid claim to anything that takes her fancy.  She is especially partial to lying on the printer covers (while they are still sitting on the printers) and sitting on Dr. Bouchard’s lap in her office. 

Cara 1Cara is always interested in meeting new people who she can charm them with her sweet, pleasant personality.  So please feel free to drop by and ask about her.