MendietaIt is that time of year when many people get the urge to add a new member to their family by adopting either a cat or dog (puppy or kitten).  This is an admirable thought and one that should be encouraged for they provide so many benefits to our lives.  Pets extend their love and affection unconditionally and this relationship lasts for the entire course of their lives.  They are prepared to sacrifice everything for our goodwill and happiness.  They greet us in the morning, when we come in from work at night and will stay by our side from morning until night if allowed to do so.  They are eager to play with us, sit in our laps, or just hang out with us for long periods of time.  We benefit from these activities as well.  We get companionship, attention, loyalty and affection.  The relationship can even promote good health and general well-being to the human owners. 


masstr5The only thing the pet that we need to provide our furry friends in return is a commitment to feed them, provide them with shelter, a loving environment and most importantly, good medical care.  We at the Summeridge Animal Clinic, your Thornhill Vet Clinic, are dedicated to helping you in your commitments to your new and/or existing furry family members.  We can provide advice on the best food choices for your particular feline/canine family member, give you advice on particular behavioural peculiarities that are either worrisome or destructive as well as tips on how to help keeping your furry friend healthy and agile. 


KatieDon’t be afraid to call on us with any questions you may have, no matter how trivial or weighty they might seem to be.  We are willing, capable and prepared to answer all questions and provide you with the assistance you need to give your adorable furry family member all the love he/she deserves.  If we do not immediately know the answer, we have access to the best tools available to assist you with your inquiry or problem.