A small floofy dog wearing pink diapers

Pet diapers can look really, really goofy, but they do cover up an uncomfortable truth: incontinence. A natural part of life, bladder control can affect young and older dogs alike. And while it can feel like you’re giving something up, pet diapers can offer a great deal of peace of mind.

So. Much. Cleaning.

Living with an incontinent dog can be overwhelming. Just when you clean up one mess, you find another puddle or stain to contend with. It’s not your dog’s fault, they are simply answering nature’s call, and it just so happens to be inside the home (all over the furniture, and on top of the rug).

Let’s Check

We recommend having your dog examined to rule out possible underlying health conditions. They could be suffering from an infection causing them to lose control. Also, age-related or weight-related health conditions can cause urinary incontinence. There could be medication or possible surgery to fix the problem. Even arthritis can be a culprit!

If your dog is otherwise healthy, pet diapers can help you keep a cleaner, more sanitary home.

Why Pet Diapers Are Recommended

Pets need to wear diapers for various reasons:

  • An infection could cause leakage, especially if it’s related to the urinary tract or bladder.
  • Undiagnosed diabetes
  • Senior dogs may start to lose control of urination and defecation in addition to losing some cognitive function
  • Females in heat
  • Young dogs learning the ins and outs of house training (however, pet diapers should not be used in place of consistent potty training methods)
  • Traveling situations in which stress and anxiety cause leakage

There are several options of pet diapers that can give both you and your dog great relief. Regardless of which type you choose, be sure to change dog diapers frequently, as urine can cause seriously painful skin irritation.

Shopping Around

  • Cloth – Perhaps more expensive up front, cloth dog diapers are reusable once laundered. They may not be as absorbent over time as disposable diapers, but they are much cheaper and arguably better for the environment. Some dog owners find that fitting a disposable pad (sanitary napkin) inside a washable diaper is the way to go.
  • Belly bands – Designed specifically for male dogs, a strap wraps around the abdomen and is attached to a pad that fits over the penis.
  • Baby diapers – You may find success with diapers intended for human babies. Be sure to cut a hole for the tail. 
  • Underwear – If your dog only leaks a little bit, you can dress them in boys underwear. Simply turn it around so that the “front” part allows for the tail to escape.

Depending on your dog’s gender and size, you can choose between the following:

Giving Into Pet Diapers

Summeridge Animal Clinic understands how frustrating it can be to support a dog through incontinence. The good news is that pet diapers protect your floors and furniture. The most important of all is to protect your dog. If you have further questions about your dog’s health and wellbeing, please let us know. We are located at 8707 Dufferin St, Thornhill, ON L4J 0A2, Canada.