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Summer Safety Tips for Your Pet



Summer CatMost of us are happy that the warmer weather has finally arrived after such a cold long winter.  Most of our pets are also happy to finally get out in the great outdoors and explore with their owners the glories of summer.


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Our Pesky Summer Pests

dog with heartwormWe’re happy to report that its that time of year again when the weather starts to become more agreeable, the grass becomes green, the buds on the trees start sprouting and people and their pets start to enjoy the warmer weather by staying outside more and participating in outdoor activities.  This is also the time when pet owners have to become more vigilant as there are a number of nasty little diseases carried by insects and other creatures that can affect both you and your pets.  One these pesky problems is the heartworm parasite that is carried by mosquitoes.  If your pet is bitten by one of these infected flying pests, and it is carrying the heartworm parasite, it will adversely affect your pet’s health.  A dog infected with heartworm can die either from the infection itself or the cure which is quite severe in nature.  That is why we heartily advise and recommend that every dog be tested for heartworm and placed on a heartworm preventative every summer starting in June until November.  The cost is minimal compared to the cost of treating the disease. Continue…

posted in:  Seasonal Pet Care